Let’s Be Creative

Lauren and I (Rochaé) created two written pieces, that emerge with pictures. Lauren took photo’s while I was writing a piece. They were not about the same things, all separate independent work. I gave Lauren my piece and then she took pictures to go with it. I then took Laurens pictures and wrote a piece to go with the pics.


Here are the pieces:


Piece one-

Piece two –


As the white flows down from the lighting it’s almost blinding, washing clear the blue top chairs.

Contrast with the dark blue carpet, red bean bags and deep red corner.

Chairs spaced so accurately. I wonder if I can fit there. Too small or too big. I’m an anomaly.

Trying to spray and wipe away every comment that was made, washing the not so white walls with a dirty cloth, hoping maybe it would change.

But it’s not that easy, because the dirt you think you tipped out and put into the rubbish, stains the lines on your hands, hiding behind the shadows of your palms creases.

Not even the clean water that we use can wash away these bruises.

Take coffee beans and rub the lines even darker overdose on caffeine, drinking lattes and smoking menthol.

But maybe there is a bright side, I can see the light, but fog and shadows are hovering over me. I can feel it.

Slowly getting clearer, I can nearly see the compasses direction.

Spinning a different axis, I can see my friend’s house. I think his name is Fraser.


These were the pictures that inspired my piece:

Both me and Lauren are enjoying our time as apprentices. But we are also glad for the break :p. Have a great holiday! And remember to always be yourself! J  


Festive Wishes

Team Beatfreeks