Current Projects

A selection of projects we're currently working on. For more information, click the links below!


Beatfreeks Barbados

BF Barbados is our prototype at transferring the Beatfreeks principles into Barbados.

It's our attempt to see how we can seed a global movement for change. Exciting!

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BFTV is our online content platform. Currently under review, we'd love to hear your ideas on what we can do to improve this channel. Email Bradley with thoughts.

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Change24 is a 24 social action bootcamp. Over 2 days, you'll develop skills, confidence and collect free tools to make a change in your community using your creative talents.

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Flatpack Film Festival

Build Your Own Film Night is a series of 5 workshops designed to upskill young people to develop their own community film sharing. Get access to films, understand programming & licensing and put on your own event. 

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A relaxed night to catch vibes with a community of young creatives, with spaces to perform, watch movies, write but most importantly, chill and meet new people.

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Level UP

Level UP Season 4.5 in partnership with Apples and Snakes and Birmingham REP brings you a taster of Season 4 and a teaser of Season 5. 

Enjoy Soweto Kinch, Laurie Ogden and Tongue Fu! 

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New Shoes

New Shoes is a creative development programme for young people wanting to take their first steps into the industry. From work experience, to training, to learning to run your own workshops.

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Poetry Jam

A beautiful community of poets, writers and storytellers.

Open mic on the first Thursday of every month at Java Lounge. Perform, sit back or enjoy.

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Powered By

Powered By is a platform for young innovators 16 - 30 to turn their ideas into impact through crowd-sourced mentoring, open office space and seed funding of £300 - £2500. Next round opens September 2016.

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RSA Hubs

We're working with 4 RSA Academies to create self-sustaining vocal clubs through a series of train-the-teachers, facilitated masterclasses and showcases. Think Pitch Perfect but better...

Southside Producers

Southside Producers is a collective of young creative producers developing, learning and growing their practice by putting on awesome events across Birmingham. From launching the Year of Arts and Young People 2016 for Birmingham City Council through to helping to produce B-Side Festival for the Hippodrome, Southside Producers are on the rise!

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United In Hope

There will be situations where you may think "You can’t say that", "This not OK" or "I don’t think I’m OK here". For those sole reasons alone we have made this toolkit for you. 

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Youth Steering Committee

Our Youth Steering Committee (YSC) recruits 10 outstanding young people a year to be apart of our governance. From determining our strategy, to attending high profile events, YSC is your chance to have a real say in how things are done round here. Opens September 2016.

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To find out how you can get involved, check out our Live Opportunities page.