Free Radical exists to give young people space, both mentally and physically, to tell stories about themselves, their communities and what they care about in the world.


Through working collaboratively with young artists and a diversity of audience and partners, we seek to find ways to develop engaged citizens and bring communities together to celebrate the creative spirit and voice of our city and its people. Our main objective is to develop art activists or ‘Artivists’; socially and critically engaged young artists who use their work to be thought-leading, provide social commentary or act as provocation for wider discussions.

Free Radical uses combined arts including spoken word, music and digital media to develop exciting young, diverse artists, producers and cultural entrepreneurs which reflect and celebrate the vibrancy of Birmingham. Through high quality but accessible workshops, events and projects Free Radical helps develop skills, confidence and networks of young artists to bolster their resilience and practice through access to opportunities both professionally and personally.

Core Projects


Artist development programme and residency giving space for ‘Artivists’ to develop socially engaged practice


Local & international talks, workshops, gatherings pushing artists and the field further in their practice


Conversation, research and sharing around socially engaged practice


Festival Of Audacity

Disturbing the ‘norm’ of Birmingham by young people making the city their stage

Southside Producers

Southside Producers is a year long development programme for 8-10 Producers aged 16-30 in Birmingham.


Social action bootcamp turning creative ideas into micro-campaigns

Our Manifesto


Art is inextricable from change. To make or to witness is to change and be changed.


Art Activists benefit from opportunities and support - mental, physical, economic, legal, philosophical


Through play, we can imagine new alternatives and challenge dominant narratives

What We're Saying