We have drawn on multiple disciplines and techniques to create a way of working that is flexible, rigorous and centred around creativity.  At the centre of it all, there is our Philosofreek.

Creative practice for us is a way to ‘play with purpose’ – to understand and to shape the world around us. 

Our expertise is drawing on our extensive networks and flexible facilitation skills to make safe, playful, creative spaces where people and organisations can:

 Unlock ideas (ideate),

Design together (co-create);

Let go (play). 


We work through three stages (which, like all good journeys, overlap, double back and occasionally seem to be going in circles…)


def. – ‘planning with people’

Like human centred designers, we believe the people with the answers to ‘problems’ are those people facing them.


def. - ‘getting it done’

By ‘planning with people’ we build a team of ideators that make and do with us. In exchange for their invaluable insights and creativity, we offer a strong value proposition comprising paid opportunities, skill building and personal development. 



def. - ‘are we doing what we planned to do?’

Transformation is an ongoing process. By continuously and curiously inquiring, observing and reflecting on what works, we are constantly rethinking and rebuilding our ways of working. Even our methodology is a living organism, constantly being tinkered with and improved!.