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A monthly open mic platform to jam, perform and click, every first Thursday of the month.

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Since 2013 Poetry Jam has opened its doors every first Thursday of the month, and has grown in love, attendance and adoration ever since. It's a monthly open mic platform to jam, perform and click with a community of creatives.

Free entry. Starting promptly at 7pm to fit as many performers in as possible (advised to come early to get the best seats).

Want an open mic slot? Arrive 15 minutes before the night kicks off to sign up to the open mic list.

We welcome everyone and embrace key principals of individuality, love, innovation and creativity! The night is a beautiful combination of first time & just-starting-out poets to established & confident poets. It's a non-genre specific open mic night where pieces can go from love, to comedy to very personal topics - we don't audit or alter the artistic work so be prepared and be aware that sensitive topics and explicit words may be used. 

Host Poetry Jam 2018 


Have you ever wanted to host Poetry Jam? Would you like to test your hosting skills to an accommodating audience? Now is your chance.

Poetry Jam is more than an open mic platform, it's an event built by the community for the community and there are plenty of different ways to get involved. Whether you want to host solo or with a partner, have never hosted or have plenty of experience, this opportunity is for all. 



The vibe of Poetry Jam is a completely organic space where artists speak their truth on the mic. Themes go from hard hitting to in love real quick. Here's a selection of videos to give you a little taster of what you're in for.


To mark five years of Beatfreeks, we asked five members of the community to share stories of their Poetry Jam journey's.

Playlist includes: Joe Cook, Nyanda Foday, Adjei Dsane, Raza Hussain and Yasmina Silva.

Full Playlist

Joe Cook

Adjei Dsane

Nyanda Foday

Raza Hussain

Yasmina Silva

The next Poetry Jam will be on Thursday 1st March. Let us know you're coming on our Facebook


To mark our fifth birthday we've launched "Wild Dreams & Louder Voices", the first Poetry Jam anthology, full of the incredible and talented poets that have attended Poetry Jam.

In partnership with Verve Poetry Press, Wild Dreams & Louder Voices is now available to purchase online & in-store Waterstones.


Wild Dreams & Louder Voices features poems from the following artists: