Need advice, support and guidance to make your creative ideas happen?

Beatfreeks and Impact Hub will be helping Birmingham's makers and doers to develop their ideas into something amazing.

Through a programme of coaching and specialist mentoring we will connect young people to the amazing networks that exist in Birmingham to help our young people do brilliant things. We will coach you through the process of designing your project, testing out your ideas, and then support you to grow your ideas by helping to make your idea sustainable in the long term.

Mentor Monday

Get weekly advice and guidance for your project ideas. Each week features specialist topics and mentors.

Powered By started as an experiment in platform-thinking. How can we support more young people to get their ideas off the ground by utilising our networks, knowledge and resources? Now in its third season, Powered By* is a platform for young innovators 16 – 30 to turn their creative ideas into impact through crowd-sourced mentoring, open office space and whole load of networks to develop ideas for enterprise, projects, and campaigns. Powered By is in partnership with Impact Hub Birmingham and UNLTD.

We  are recruiting a cohort of makers and doers, supporting you and your ideas with the support of a coach, and weekly specialist mentoring to guide you through the process of project design through project delivery through to making your project future proof!

Once you have perfected your idea and tested it out, we’ll help you identify funding streams to help you take your project plans to the next level!

Powered By coaches will be back to help you get the most out of your ideas or If you need additional support.

Pop into Impact Hub Birmingham from 7 - 9pm and use the space for free! Bring a laptop or some paper, and get creative!

Tap in to Birmingham’s network of companies and communities, to grow your project, and we will identity funding to take it to the next level!


Any questions?

Get in touch with Tony@Beatfreeks.Com



Voice of Birmingham

Encouraging young people in Birmingham to embrace creative writing and journalism.

Swings & Roundabouts

A multi-platform arts company that produces engaging and immersive work for existing and consequential communities

The Language Exchange

Facilitates the exchange of languages between native speakers and those hoping to learn/improve a new language skill. 

Facilitating Conversations

Developing workshops and toolkits to facilitate better conversations and social and political issues.


More to be added...


Safe Spaces

A series of pop up workshops that allow participants to explore social or political discussions in a safe creative environment across Worcestershire.

Downtime Sessions

Aims to bring downtime into the workplace by providing entertainment and de-stressing for employees with music.

Mind Field

The project will produce a short film addressing mental health and give opportunities for young people and adults to collaborate on the film.

Creative RecyCool Club

A group that provides weekly workshops for local members of the community.


Big Light of Mine

The vision is to create a series of workshops/training resources/talks that will inspire and equip people with lifeskills.

Separate But Equal

A book about Rosa Parks showing how her courage and boldness made an impact on our lives today.

The Imani Academy

A service that empowers young women, through creative workshops, 1-1 mentoring, positive and inclusive social action.


Unmuted aims to create safe and creative spaces to allow young BME LGBT people to address cultural issues that effect them. 


The Little Creepers

A play about the trials and tribulations of a teenage girl with schizophrenia. Alongside workshops around mental health.

2 Weeks Notice

Creative production company that focus on events and online content. Featuring Hip-Hop Karaoke.

Innovation Cooler

Live performance event offering young people a platform to showcase and promote their skills.

Her Story Is Black

A project that aims to give black women the chance to explore their narratives through art forms like poetry & zines.



Free sewing workshops aimed at women in ‘vulnerable’ situations, in which they can learn skills and build friendships.