Youth Engagement


We co-create projects, events and campaigns with young people to build their skills, confidence and networks whilst helping you build your brand and community.



Social trends and youth culture change rapidly. Young people are exploring their own identities, tastes and personal narratives, this means they can appear to be 'out of reach'. Our tailored approach taps into young people's needs, wants and opinions. Involving young people directly in co-designing engagement strategies for your brand or organisation improves effectiveness and authenticity.


We co-create vibrant projects, campaigns and experiences with the young people from your target audience. We find them, build a relationship with them and develop them along the way. They are valued for their expertise through rewards and training, our clients build authentic, loyal relationships, we get the feel-good factor. Win, win, win.

Like what?

As big or as deep as your imagination can fathom, we co-create, deliver and evaluate it. From online and offline campaigns, to creating events and experiences, to designing internship schemes, to training staff who work with youth, to creating and curating original content, to digital projects to large scale festivals and parties. You get the picture.


We build communities around ideas. We work with brands and companies to help them unlock their potential and purpose through building authentic, loyal relationships with young people.



  • Creative public consultation
  • Co-design workshops
  • Focus groups
  • Qualitative research
  • Co-creation of strategy 


  • Integrated campaigns across online and offline
  • Social media management
  • Event and experience design and management
  • Brand activation
  • Creation and curation of digital content
  • Youth communications strategy


  • CPD training for teams working with young people

  • Skills and talent development workshops for young people

  • Creative facilitation in education settings (see schools)

  • Designing projects and programmes to reach your social objectives