The Youth Steering Committee influence and shape the direction of Beatfreeks

The Beatfreeks Collective brings together arts, design, technology, data and community to build incredible stuff that unleashes 'creativity for good'. 

The Youth Steering Committee (YSC) is a group of young people (aged 16-30) who influence and shape the direction of Beatfreeks. YSC members will have the opportunity develop leadership skills in business management, governance, strategy, marketing, event planning and will get a whole heap of opportunities along the way from us and our partners.

Join The YSC

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The YSC are key influencers in our decision making and shape how the Collective works. Each year we further develop the opportunity in line with insight from the previous cohort and feedback from our teams and board. So what is it now? YSC is a year long governance opportunity as well as a development program for those who aged 16-30 who want to gain board level experience and influence how we work.

We're looking for a group of young people aged between 16 - 30 (and be able to provide parental consent if under 18); that believe in the power of creativity for good; and that are willing to contribute new thinking and being open minded to new ways of working.

The YSC will meet 8+ times over the year, which are essential. Dates are: Wednesday 20th September, Saturday 28th October (all day), Wednesday 15th November, Wednesday 13th December, Wednesday 17th January, Wednesday 14th March, Wednesday 18th April, Wednesday 18th July and end with a graduation on Wednesday 15th August. All meetings (except for 28th Oct) will be hosted approx. 6 - 8pm in Birmingham. Travel expenses for within Birmingham will be covered via a bursary.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 30th August.


Previous Members of the YSC include:

2016 - 2017:
Ahlaam Moledina, Chantel Regnart, Grace Smith, Hannah Swingler, Jaz Morrison, J Grant, Josh Sandiford, Madi Saskia, Nyandavoh Foday, Paige Jackson, Rochaé Stephens-Morrison and Saida Vedasto.
2015 - 2016:
Raza Hussain, Aimee Jordan, Nicole Murphy, Oakley Flanagan, Rosie Clements, Hannah Prentice, Chantel Regnart, Joyce Tspopo and Flora Slorach.
2014 - 2015:
Aliyah Holder, Heidi Murphy, Joe Cook, Jordanne Cameron, Brenda Mazowa, Aliyah Denton, Jasmine Gardosi, Amina Jalil, Shazmeen Khalid, Amerah Saleh and Alisha Kadir.
2013 - 2014:
Amerah Saleh, Ayesha Jones, Suriya Roberts-Grey, Charmelle Givans, Nafeesa Hamid, Sipho Eric Dube, Lexia Tomlinson, Carl Sealeaf and Joe Cook.

YSC 2016 - 2017 (From left to right) - J, Chantel, Nyanda, Ahlaam, Paige, Rosie, Grace, Rochaé, Hannah, Josh, Jaz

YSC 2016 - 2017 (From left to right) - J, Chantel, Nyanda, Ahlaam, Paige, Rosie, Grace, Rochaé, Hannah, Josh, Jaz


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