Agile Arts Manifesto

We're excited by the prospect of adapting the learnings from high growth sectors, such as technology, and adapting it to our practice.

We believe the arts and the artist has a crucial role to play in the next stage of the data revolution. To adapt to these opportunities, we've created a set of principles called the Agile Arts Manifesto which we hope will help more artists to adventure into the gaps between data and art to make something meaningful.

Our approach has been shaped by a set of beliefs:

Sustainability through diversified risk over financial reliance

Creative collaboration over distinct roles for artist, technologist and user

An open and shared culture over intellectual property

Community over individualism

While there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

We follow these principles

Disrupt; play with the boundaries of consumer and creator (audience and artist);

Iterate; co-design, share, re-design;

Connect; the best multidisciplinary work emerges from integrated teams; 

Empower; give collaborators the environment and support they need, and then trust them;

Communicate; encourage simple, shared language and human interaction;

Embrace change;

Pursue artistic excellence and great design; balance rigour with beauty;

Build resilience; commissioners, artists and audience should be able to maintain energy;

Refuse burn out; balance ambition with sustainability;

Self-organise; facilitate don't dictate;

Reflect; continuously evaluate and evolve.

Inspired by the disruptive confidence and collective spirit of technology leaders through the original 1980s Agile Software Manifesto.