Backlash Against the Bland Podcast

Backlash Against the Bland is a brand new series of podcasts brought to you off the back of our BLAB events. The series of podcasts continues in the same vein as the live events, bringing the core of the Beatfreeks community together with relevant experts (think criminology academics to aerial performers) to probe the awkward questions that, as far we can make out, don’t have any easy answers.

This series is a pilot, but instead of dipping our toe in the water we’ve done a bomb in the shallow end. We’ve decided to focus on some of the issues which make us spill coffee on ourselves and trip over our words in meetings. It’s the hits: How do you shake off the emerging label? Does art play a role in your mental health? Isn’t it about time we got proper jobs?Asked by you; answered by experts, artists and activists.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Castbox, Soundcloud and many other podcast streaming platforms. You can also listen to it via Facebook and Youtube.

This series will run for six episodes from October. Episodes are released every Monday, fortnightly.


Episode 1 - “How Do You Shake Off The Emerging Label”
Featuring Shirley May, Ben Norris, Chloe Deakin, Catherine Butler & Sebbie Mudhai.
Spotify. iTunes. Soundcloud.


Episode 2 - “What’s Changed For Black Women In Music”
Featuring Tia Cham & Lady Sanity.
Spotify. iTunes. Soundcloud.

Episode 3 - “Does Art Endanger Your Mental Health?
Featuring Caroline Horton, Dr Martin Glynn, Kiz Bangerh & Shazia Gulzar.

Episode 4 - “Who Runs Brum?
Featuring Sideman All Day, Selina Akthar & Zeddie Lawal.
Spotify. iTunes. Soundcloud.

Episode 5 - “Get A Real Job?
Featuring Ahsen Sayeed and Shagufta Sayeed.
Spotify. iTunes. Soundcloud.

Episode 6 - “Is Online Activism a Substitute for Traditional Action?
Featuring Myles Dyer, Luci Hammans, Paige Jackson & Belal Stitan.
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As this is a pilot series, we really want to hear what you think about the podcast, it’s content and it’s feel.

One person that fills in the feedback before Sunday 28th October will get the chance to be featured on the “Who Runs Brum?” upcoming episode.

You can leave your feedback above.