About BAIT

A 20-week training programme for young art activists aged 16-30 to develop their socially engaged art. Art has the power to make real social change, will you be the one to try?


BAIT stands for Birmingham Artivists in Training, and that is exactly what the programme will offer: a serious opportunity for committed young artists with a socially engaged practice to grow in an environment which offers structured critique, inspiration, platforms, opportunities, and guidance. Looking at all creative, critical, and professional aspects of an artist’s career, BAIT helps plug a real gap in Birmingham’s provision for those who might otherwise feel stuck with the unshakeable “emerging” label.





BAIT is a training programme for 12 socially engaged artists to develop and refine your skills and practice. Led by a guest Artistic Director (an established, practicing artist with fantastic facilitation skills and mentorship experience), BAIT consists of weekly training sessions over two ten-week terms. BAIT’s Artistic Director designs each session to match the needs of the group, bringing in guest specialists to run parts of the programme. The cohort graduates with a variety of new skills to support them as self-producing artists with a socially engaged practice.

At the end of the first term, BAIT artists will also be asked to create a piece of work together which will be shown as part of a larger Free Radical project; at the end of term 2, the BAIT cohort will create an independent piece of collective work. In addition, each artist will be expected to produce a substantial individual piece of work.