Founded in February 2013, The Beatfreeks Collective is a group of companies using creativity for good, based in the heart of Birmingham.

Society is a BIG place and it faces some big problems. But it also has huge potential, more than we can imagine. We fundamentally believe there is space to craft a new world whilst working to improve the one we have. That’s why we’ve created a collective of companies using creativity for good; platforms for the art activists and the entrepreneurs.

At the heart of our work is a movement of people using creativity to challenge the world to be better. Our community is made up of artists, activists, entrepreneurs, designers, technologists, researchers and more. 

Young Giant: A youth engagement agency building ‘Institutions of the Future’ through harnessing the power of youth; we help companies and young people to connect.

Doink: A Do and Think Tank humanising data through creativity to tell extraordinary stories and facilitate better decisions. 

Free Radical: An art activism platform empowering young people to tell stories about themselves, the world and how they fit together (or not).


The Collective are all working towards a shared mission

In four short, powerful years we've achieved some pretty awesome stuff, from working with BBC 1Xtra on 'Scratchbeat' to bring national and local talent together to share a stage and get national airplay, to decolonising heritage through telling stories of how the aristocracy would have benefited from the transatlantic slave trade having the money to landscape English heritage sites, to working with a group of young people passionate about mental health over 12 weeks to set up their own official social enterprise ‘Ripple CIC’, through to running an 18 month multi-channel campaign with Heritage Lottery Fund as their Youth Communications Partner to help them reach their objectives.

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For Further Reading

Have you been left with an eagerness or a little curiousity to know more? We have layed out our company structure alongside case studies, projects and in depth knowledge below.