11 Steps to Adulthood no one really wants to make.

11 Steps to Adulthood no one really wants to make. 

A list of what you need to do to in order to achieve Luci's first day of real people work. 

Reader Beware! This is a tale of drama, heartache and awkwardness. Welcome to my life brave reader. 


1) Get in a car crash.

 - A minor, minor, minor car crash. 

2) Get punched in the face. 

- Literally. Wife of the other driver. It was a long morning. 

3) Come face to face with the white privileges you are given  when confronted by the justice system. 

- This will be hard to swallow. (Afterall, I view myself as a P.O.C even if the rest of the world only sees a tan.) 

3.2) Be late for your first meeting due to very "unforeseen circumstances". 

4) Have cops call you down to the lobby of the office.

- Everyone will be looking at you. You will find yourself thinking: "You just started here." "You shouldn't be bringing the police to the reception area." "What kind of a person does the receptionists now think you are?" Forget all of this. Keep your head up.

5) Cry. 

- No literally,as soon as you get off of phone and finish your important crash related conversations, go into the bathroom and cry thinking of all the money you no longer have.

6) Pick yourself up and dry your foolish tears. 

- Re-apply eye liner. You are nothing if not developing in your vanity. 

7) Pull yourself back to go forward. 

- This mantra will be told to you, you will not remember who said it. But it will be repeated in your mind for the rest of the day. Thank you, truth speaker.    

8) Have carrot and coriander soup. 

- Why? Because the cafe is a magical place with amazing soups that are heart warming and blog worthy. 

9) Roll eyes with Aliyah at the Rachel "Racial" Dolezal fiasco. 

- There will be lots of conversations and laughter today and that is okay. Friends make you laugh. You are working with friends. Embrace the oncoming laughter.    

10) Get gassed.

- You are finally working for the company you've  wanted to work for since you've learnt of their existence.  

11) Go to BACE.

- This will instill your sense of purpose and at the end of the day, Badman still got Badman work to do.   


So you've done it. You've come to the end of the list and if you've successfully checked off everything, then, first things first, my condolences yo, that wasn't easy. And secondly congratulations on experiencing my first day of real people work. Yes, I know, it started with... well... a bang but it wouldn't be me if it didn't and it turned out pretty awesome in the end. And if that isn't a metaphor for something well then I don't know what is. 

So, bring on the challenges, the conversation, the projects, the people, and the laughter. You ain't gettin' rid of me that easy. 

See you on the flipside dude & dudettes, 

Luci Out.