My shopping cart is full of:


the things you expect me to pay for

overtaxed tampons

carcinogenic digestives

asda branded tea

a bottle of red wine

my ancestors shackles

skin lightening cream

your misplaced pride

bananas that are not made for this climate

hopes and dreams

my little brothers weak dab

millennial angst 


Bigger than the Eve dream

We made skirts of armour apparently

Hid our strength beneath them,

Ripped those skirts and wove them to skorts of our intersections.

Our bare legs maps to your intentions

We bathed in our B.O. 

Nature's fuckboy repellent.

Weakness was stomping out my magic because you were afraid.

More than lost words reverberating from the street preachers mic, we kept our emotions in jars they couldn't fit it.

We are logic, we are love, we are twisted panties smiling discharge. 

Pheromones, iron made did stood to make the spines of history books feeble with our stories.

But we're bigger than Eve's genes. 

META (For Bradley)

Antagonizing the spirit of Saturday's mind,

We run to destinations we are no hurry to get to,

Catching Pokemon as if they promise to fulfill the dreams we never caught

new dreams season old days with bad taste.

Forgive him,

preaching is making my ears bleed.

We hyperbolize our lives to fulfill artistic need.

Poets in shop windows, words still ignored.

Every moment avoiding their view.

We seek to be relationships of the alone.

Our thoughts and actions souly metaphysical.

The fleek of our eyebrows is just as important.

Throw it all into the little mix of things and believe the big dreams are waiting for the right time.