1.      Donate to a cause,

Relish in its reward and look back and your righteous life.


2.      She subjected me to a trippy picture,

I told her it was an act of selfishness.


3.      I get confused when making coffee because there’s no tea bag to displace the water.


4.      Line up the table into orderly patterns that burn gut linings and cloud minds.

This is true democracy.

Her culture - Pomegranate (For mina)

There is so much joy encapsulated in its walls. I wish I could be a pomegranate seed. Protected by cushy walls that burst under too much pressure.

Two truths one lie

I enjoy writing poetry.
I enjoy writing poetry.
I enjoy writing poetry.

There's a war in me (for Twinny)

My complacency will scream out in frustration.
Stagnancy smells like unrequited love and dreams that stay as just that.

Go for it

She thought she couldn't
Ask for her reparations
She was so wrong.

Freedom is expensive

I find contentment knowing I don't have to aspire for illusory freedom. I found it on a mundane Sunday morning between apologies and playing pass the parcel with guilt and blame.

How to dissect a heart...

Take the time to listen to its arrhythmia.
There's an inconsistent off beat.
Pretend to care.
Then work from the inside out.
This method is more effective.

Let the words consume me

I sat back in this green arm chair feeling proud that Ive been using it for its purpose.
I closed my eyes and opened my ears in hopes your words would devour my comfort.

Her culture - Pistachio (for mina)

Marvel at their wonders and reconstruct receptors to accept my pallets sensitivity.
I will never taste you.
Never deem you a blessing for gut.
I can't tolerate the reaction you give me.
It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Her culture - Saffron (for mina)

That sh**'s expensive. 600 Dirhams.


Black is melanin.
Black is everything.
Black is strength.
Black is third eye alignment.
Black is gold rings.

My shopping cart is full of:


the things you expect me to pay for

overtaxed tampons

carcinogenic digestives

asda branded tea

a bottle of red wine

my ancestors shackles

skin lightening cream

your misplaced pride

bananas that are not made for this climate

hopes and dreams

my little brothers weak dab

millennial angst 


The last train home (@vervepoetryfest)

This journey has taken me full circle.

I’m a geometrics wizard.

I build ladders to reach the heights of your triangular prison.

The third side runs along tracks that force us to square up to our pride.

The home stretch transcends my rationale,

On this train is where I decipher the circumference of your commitment;

Comforted in realising it is cyclic and eternal.

Heritage package bundle £5.99

Gift wrap my afro.

Section it into bite sized chunks, easy enough to manage.

Cool enough to mirror some form of baggage.

You’re not noticed if your story doesn’t disseminate hardship.

Not valued in the present if the past has been smooth sailing.

My struggle was kidnapped and cloned for every soul who

Wasn’t fortunate enough to own one of their own.


Gift wrap my afro.

Tread on the partitions made along my scalp

And pick unlawfully from my plantation.

My master pilfers my powers and injects

Variations of myself into what his offspring was not privileged