Tastes 1

I wonder sometimes what would have happened

if our first date was a dinner.


How you would have spent the time 

controlling your gag reflex

at my spaghetti carbonara


whilst across from you, I’d shudder

as you bit into your water chestnuts

and bamboo shoots.


How quickly I’d have drifted off

with your baking-led conversation


and my disappointment at hearing

you couldn’t stand avocado.


I wonder sometimes what would have happened.


But then again, I’ve watched you eat pasta

that my mother cooked,


just because she cooked it.

At Puregym

The Top 40 charts pause - 

someone has dropped their squat bar too hard

and made the disk skip.


Without the club beats,

the workout space is no longer what it usually is - 

essentially, a well-lit night-club

writhing with bodies

and eyes flicking

at someone else’s deltoids.


Now, the silence consists

of the squeak of sweat,

and glutes speaking - 


all well-circulated by air con.

Sushi Part 1

My first time at Shogun Teppanyaki,

I ordered noodles

and let the slices of fish on rice

slide by.

I stuck my head in a Redwall

and slurped

as my mum and auntie

poised cylinders to their mouths

with sticks.

When I was finished,

I put the bowl of dredges

on the conveyor belt

like I was sure I was supposed to,

to take it back into the kitchen.

As an increasing amount of widening eyes followed it,

a wobbling giant piece of porcelain,

I learnt how trying to be responsible can

come right back around

in an unsavoury way.