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Growing Cultural Engagement in Bromsgrove

What defines the 'arts, culture, and heritage' offer in Bromsgrove...what defines 'arts, heritage, and culture' all together?

Who is engaging with that offer, who isn't, and crucially how can we grow engagement locally?

Bromsgrove Arts & Culture Consortium have been funded by Arts Council England, with further support from Bromsgrove District Council, the Elmley Foundation, Worcestershire County Council, Arts Alive, the Bromsgrove Society and Bromsgrove Rotary Club to explore these questions and more.

The project is in four phases, and we are currently in the first phase which is all about research and understanding what's happening in Bromsgrove, who is engaging and who isn't. As part of this phase, we want to connect with as many Bromsgrove residents as well as arts and cultural organisations, small or large, working in the area. We want to hear your experiences of engaging with arts and culture, or running projects, programmes, and events with the residents of Bromsgrove.

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More about the project


Bromsgrove Arts and Culture Consortium have commissioned the Beatfreeks Collective to carry out a year long research project to identify under-engaged groups in Bromsgrove and to understand why those groups aren't engaging and what Bromsgrove needs to do to connect with them.

The project will culminate in the creation of an action plan and toolkit co-created with arts and culture organisations and local residents and a final celebration event in May 2019


The project is in in four phases:

Phase 1

Research - July to August 2018

The first point of call is to understand who is and isn't engaging in the arts and culture of in Bromsgrove. Doink will lead on engaging arts and culture organisations and the public in conversations, games, and workshops to help answer these key questions.

Part of this phase will see the co-creation of an installation which will go on tour around Bromsgrove district helping people to share their stories and experience about life in the district

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Doink is also calling on wider research and looking at other projects to make sure we aren't repeating work that has already been done.

At the end of this phase, doink will pull together all of the data and thinking so far into a set of recommendations and a report which will form the basis of the next phase of this project.


Phase 2

Testing our findings - August 2018 to February 2019

Phase 2 will see Free Radical lead on a series of test workshops, events, platforms and processes which will be designed in response to the research done during phase one and will engage local artists and communities in new projects targeted at groups highlighted as none-engaged during the research phase.

This phase is a brilliant chance to try out any new ideas for 'ways of working' in Bromsgrove which help organisations connect with the people of Bromsgrove better. 

Excitingly, this phase is 'practise a research'. This means we'll try out some new things to see if they work, if they don't we will learn from that and change them up. 


At the end of this phase Free Radical will produce a report talking about what worked and what didn't. This will inform the next important phase.

Phase 3

Building an action plan and toolkit - February 2019 - April 2019

Phase 3 will see Doink bring together all stakeholders including organisations, the council, and the public to produce an action plan for growing cultural engagment in Bromsgrove. This action plan will be built using all of the data and insight collected throughout the project.


This action plan will identify several key strands which the Consortium can then use to shape their strategic aims beyond the end of this project. Similarly the toolkit will provide a set of ideas, signposts, tips and other resources for organisations looking to grow their engagement in Bromsgrove.

The shape and exact content of both the toolkit and action plan will depend heavily on what is uncovered as part of this research, watch this space for more info!

Phase 4

Celebration event - May 2019

Phase four is all about celebration! During May 2019, Free Radical will host a celebration event to bring together all of the brilliant things that have happened throughout the year and to launch the action plan. More details about the event will be available closer to the time, sign up to the mailing list to be kept up to date on it!