About Change24

What is the change you want to see in your community? You have 24 hours to make a difference. What will you change?


Every change starts with someone who dares to dream.

We believe every individual has unlimited potential to create change on a local and global scale - but they need to develop skills, confidence and networks to get them on their way.

The first step is imagining social change, then act through effective social campaigning, to have an impact on self, community and the wider world.





Change24 is a 24 hour bootcamp that uses creative, interactive and practical techniques to help you develop the skills you need to run a social action campaign. Our social action model revolves around 5 core themes:

  • Question

  • Engage

  • Empower

  • Connect

  • Improve

Throughout the bootcamp, you will develop your skills and gain new ones, then apply them to develop the outline of a social action campaign ready to be delivered. We will then plug you into a rich pool of other training, development and activism opportunities to keep moving your skills forwards and to get you active in shaping society.




This is part of the Ripple campaign with YouthSpace, kickstarted through Change24 with the aim to spread small acts of kindness to improve wellbeing. Ripple is now officially incorporating as youth-led social enterprise!