Dinner with Strangers is a human life installation curated by you. 

Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Be vulnerable, be curious and be ready for an awkward giggle.

There are currently no Dinner With Strangers booked but conversations are happening for late 2018.

Dinner With Strangers was first discussed at a late night Sheesha Bar in 2014, Birmingham. Two years later we partnered with Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in 2016 and launched the first ever Dinner With Strangers, selling out within two weeks (read about it here in the Brum Mail). In 2017 we took it onto the canal to appreciate the cities beauty from a different angle in 2017 as part of Canal Evolution, selling out within 48 hours. Where should we go next?

How it works:

1. Book* a single ticket (you can come with friends but be prepared to leave with more than you came with)

2. Turn up with drinks to share

3. Eat dinner with a stranger that we match you with

4. Deal with 'your bill'. Tell us how it was and recommend a theme for the next one.