Surveys are boring.

The people you want to hear from are not. There needs to be an interesting, engaging way to capture their imagination first and then their data.

Statistics are confusing.

The people who need to understand them often don’t. Data needs to be democratised so that everyone can access it easily and enjoyably.


"As individuals trying to work out what is really going on in the world around us, for businesses trying to decide on their next venture and for governments trying to form effective policy, there is a common desire: data."

We have never had so much data. That means there has never been so much potential yet also we have never been so overwhelmed.


"With the supply of data increasing rapidly, perhaps our real challenge is to take our statistics off the page and find ways to listen and connect with people." 

Doink is a Do and Think Tank humanising data to tell better stories and facilitate better decisions.We convene artists, technologists and researchers to produce insightful experiences. 


"There is great potential for us to mobilise the power of data to help us make better decisions."

Decisions are made on the basis of emotions and beliefs as well as intelligence. Doink is curious about the spaces between art, data and technology and the role of creativity to make data more accessible and insightful, or more 'human'.

We're excited by the prospect of adapting the learnings from high growth sectors, such as technology, and adapting it to our practice.

We believe the arts and the artist has a crucial role to play in the next stage of the data revolution. To adapt to these opportunities, we've created a set of principles called the Agile Arts Manifesto which we hope will help more artists to adventure into the gaps between data and art to make something meaningful.