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There’s adventure to be had in the cracks between our disciplines - the bits between art, technology and research that challenge, inspire and tease us to be better. Doink, the do and think tank, is forging new spaces to explore this opportunity. From prototyping a new art and tech space at Innovation Birmingham, Mettleworks, to nurturing the art & tech community in the city through a brand new bi-monthly event at the iCentrum campus.

#TART: Technologists, Artists and Researchers Together

#TART will bring Technologists, Artists and Researchers Together for a collision of ideas and inspiration wrapped into an evening of provocations, chats and shares.

A guest artist, a technologist and a researcher will each share a 10 minute provocation on their work around a theme which will be curated by us. Groups will be encouraged to ‘collide’ the ideas, with their own, into new forms, solutions or concepts and will be provided the space to share these with each other.

Date: TBC.
Time: 6 - 8pm
Venue: iCentrum, Innovation Birmingham
Tickets: Eventbrite
Cost: Free

Who’s welcome: all artists, researchers, technologists or any creatives interested in these disciplines

Any queries? Get in contact with or tweet us at @DoinkTank.