We’re really proud to present our completed 1001 Trades findings!

Please find below the full report, laying out our full findings and recommendations for GBSLEP and Nesta. We’ve also worked alongside Rebel Uncut to put together a short documentary film about the project. Have a watch to find out a bit about the project and how Doink works.


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Project Overview

Doink, in partnership with Greater Birmingham and Solihull Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) and Nesta, created spaces for young people, employers, and GBSLEP to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences on accessing tech jobs in Birmingham. The findings will go on to shape the future of GBSLEP’s skills agenda and its delivery plan for the next two years.



  1. Nesta sought to explore how we include more people in decisions on policy.

  2. The LEP wanted to know why young people weren’t attracted to jobs in the tech sector.

  3. They also wanted to know why industry employers thought young people weren’t looking for jobs with them.


Root of the Problem is an invitation for young people to engage with difficult questions around the barriers to access they face when beginning their careers. Engaging with these questions nourishes the roots of the tree, helping to grow the branches, pushing them through the steel form encompassing Birmingham’s industrial past, and forcing them out, shining a light on their thoughts, feelings and experiences, and helping to prepare it to bear fruits for generations to come.


Participants were invited to answer the four questions posed throughout the installation by placing illuminated ‘seeds’ into transparent tree branches corresponding to various available responses to those questions.

A member of the Doink team accompanied them as they walked through the installation, this provided space for participants to talk through their responses, and to provide context to their thoughts. The team member was able to record all of their responses and they are available in a separate appendix document to this report.


125 Participants

10 Employers

6 Team Members