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Project Overview

Tell Me What You Want is an ongoing research project exploring the creative scene in Bromsgrove and who is engaging with it. More importantly, TMWYW explores who doesn’t engage and how the scene can grow to include them.



  1. To explore what the current creative offer in Bromsgrove is

  2. To understand who is and isn’t engaging with that offer

  3. To build recommendations for future engagement


What’s the scoop?’ invites people to pour, sprinkle, dip, and crumble data all over ice cream cones piled high with nostalgia and indulgence.

During our early conversations as part of this project, the idea of needing ‘space’ has been mentioned over and over again; space to host events, space to run workshops, space to build beautiful art, and space to be creative. But the desire for space runs deeper than that too, residents have spoken about wanting space to build networks, space for young people to own, and space for the elderly to connect with their communities.

‘What’s the scoop?’ was designed to create small moments and spaces in everyday settings where people could pause, take some time out, and share stories with us and with each other.


Ice cream provides citizens with the perfect excuse to stop; a moment of indulgence, to treat yourself and importantly to reflect on ‘what they want’ from Bromsgrove and help us to grow arts and culture in the area.

We toured our mobile ice cream station across the high streets and parks across the district of Bromsgrove, holding conversations, gathering information and humanising data.


326 Conversations with the public

50 Arts organisations interviewed

10 key observations made