Moodstrings at Lush.png

Project Overview

Moodstrings is a live art installation and a live graph. A stunning interactive art experience for your audience, and an instant audience insight for you. It provides qualitative and quantitative insights into who your audiences are and how they are feeling.

In 2018 we took it to Lush Cosmetic’s annual showcase to gauge what employees felt about, and how they could contribute to, the organisation.



  1. To capture audience sentiment

  2. Gather audience feedback to improve future events

  3. Make it a fun and engaging experience

  4. For it to tie in with the event’s aesthetics

Motif & Installation

Moodstrings captures the essence and materials which make up a dream catcher and transform them into a data capture installation.

Participants take a different coloured string depending on their ‘mood’  (E.g Pink: enthusiastic, blue:chilled) and attach their coloured string to different posts representing demographic data you need (Age, Arts engagement etc). Different notches on the posts represent different answers.

Participants can add comments and suggestions about the event to their string. As more people add their data, a beautiful dynamic sculpture emerges and queues for data capture will form for the first time in in your event’s history.


326 Conversations with the public

50 Arts organisations interviewed

10 key observations made