Project Overview

After studying facts and figures relating to diversity in the UK and experiencing a data lab, a pilot event was developed to raise awareness about the lack of diversity that the group identified across different work sectors. Societea was curated to deliver information in different ways, comprising a static exhibition, data perception activity, and a live tea party performance where the audience were the guests.


Motif & Response

We used tea and biscuits to visually represent data, drawing on themes of heritage, family and ritual. Drawing parallels between the everyday nature of making tea and the ingrained lack of diversity within certain sectors of work (here the the arts, law and NHS), Societea visualised issues at play, making participants central to the portrayal of the data.

Mugs were filled according to participants’ demographic information. By the end of the event, some cups were overflowing, others had less than a sips worth. Societea had run its course and some were left thirsty.