The Story


Doink brings together Beatfreeks’ understanding of the power of art to create change, and the rich experience of community engagement practices. 

The Doink team create installations and experiences which create space for citizens to share their stories and learn more about others, and for organisations and their audiences to understand each other better. In doing so, we all become better informed and better equipped to develop better products, services, and policy.

We make data something you can pick up, put down, poke, prod and ponder.

Our clients vary from Lush Cosmetics to Birmingham City Council to Arts Council England. In the two years since we began asking how creativity can help build datasets that are both useful and compelling; we've created insights using string, marbles, biscuits, mushrooms, balloons and all sorts of other bits and pieces. It’s made for a fun and tactile journey which were pushing further every day, humanising numbers and reviving stats.