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Who Gets To Tell The Stories Of History?


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Development Programme

History is a collection of stories. We want to change who tells these stories. Do you want to tell these stories?

Create artistic spaces for neglected stories

  • Decide what to value and ‘care for’ in museum collections

  • Learn how to commission and manage artists

  • Develop creative thinking about heritage and new ways to engage audiences

  • Develop project management skills

  • Learn how to market an event

  • Learn to recruit volunteers

  • Gain a Silver Arts Award Qualification


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Development Programme

Why wait to get to CEO level before you can make a change? Young people should be part of decision making.

Design youth focused culture for partner organisations

  • Influence the stories museums tell and what gets exhibited

  • Design and implement a governance structure that places young people in decision making roles within cultural settings

  • Develop strategic and analytical thinking

  • Gain boardroom skills

  • Work with the management teams of Birmingham Museums Trust or Chance Glassworks Heritage Trust

  • Gain a qualification

More opportunities

Lunar Campfires Residents

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We believe in order to move towards collaboration and inclusivity in cultural organisations, we need to open conversations.

Want to shape these open conversations?

Our Lunar Campfires series will engage the whole community.

We’re looking for young people to help plan, organise and shape this series of events that fuel conversation around issues on race and representation in the heritage sector and the impact this has on our world today.

Contact Sharan, Assistant Producer, to find out how to get involved: sharan@beatfreeks.com