About Festival Of Audacity

A multidisciplinary festival of activist art making all of Birmingham its stage. We’re taking art out of its comfort zone. Come and witness activist artists making a difference where you least expect them.

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For art to have a real impact it needs to be bold, and we want Festival of Audacity to be a home for young artists who make brave choices about what they choose to say, how they say it, where they say it, and who they address. We want to make space for young creators to take risks and reach people beyond traditional arts venues.





Each year, we send out a worldwide open call for submissions, and choose a varied, exciting, risky programme of socially engaged art alongside our guest Artistic Director(s). With the help of our Southside Producers, we collaborate with the selected artists to match each selected project to a suitable space in Birmingham - the whole city is fair game, as long as the location benefits the work and it is not a standard arts venue. The festival happens over a weekend: you can pick and choose your favourite events or follow the official guided tour to experience the programme. Or, who knows, you might just stumble across the work as you go about your day.