A multidisciplinary festival of activist art making Birmingham its stage. We’re taking art out of its comfort zone. Come and witness activist artists making a difference where you least expect them.


For art to have a real impact, it needs to be bold. Festival of Audacity empowers young artists by making space for them to take risks and enables people to experience new art in unexpected places. By opening the city up, this Festival makes Birmingham its stage.

What’s the point of Festival of Audacity?


What’s audacious about Festival of Audacity?

We programme activist art. Activist art aims to change how individuals and societies think, amplify unheard voices, shed light on the unseen, and turn suffering and injustice into hope and power. There is no fixed way of being an activist, it’s why we programme multidisciplinary work - from dance, film, poetry, theatre, VR and more.

  • We use civic spaces that are open to the public. This means that we aren’t showcasing work in exclusive venues. We bring art to you because art is for everyone, it should be inclusive.

  • We ensure that what we do is driven by what young people want. This is because young people are change-makers. The entire festival programme is in constant collaboration and communication with young people.

  • We make sure that most of our programming is free of charge for young people. For Festival of Audacity 2019, the only things that are not free is the BAIT Tour and the Afterparty.


How do you decide who to programme?

Each year, we’re on the look-out for ‘artivists’ - art activists. We want to work with socially and critically engaged artists who use their work to bring about change, provide social commentary, or provoke discussions. We send out an open call for submissions, and choose a varied, brave, risky programme of art that speaks about important topics in our society. We programme work that is for and/or by young people.


How do you support young people?

The Festival is not just for young audiences, but as an arts organisation that works predominantly with young people, we programme with them in mind.

Young people are part of the design, making, and producing process. This means that the Festival incorporates great conversations and co-curation with other Free Radical projects such as HEADSPVCE, BLAB, and Don’t Settle. We also support young creatives with our training programmes which support 16-30 year olds. Southside Producers help deliver and organise the Festival whilst BAIT (Birmingham Artivists in Training) devise and lead the art tour.