Artists 2018

Festival of Audacity exists because if we want art to have a real impact, it needs to be bold. We want Festival of Audacity to be a home for young artists who make brave choices about what they choose to say, how they say it, where they say it, and who they address. We want to make space for young creators to take risks and reach people beyond traditional arts venues. Meet the artists for the festival.


Duncan Robertson
As an artist Duncan creates work in a range of media - installation, performance and sound recording. He works as a solo and collaborative artist, originally training in theatre and performance.

He is interested in work which questions established modes of production in art; be that through the style of piece, artists collaborated with, length of piece or site of exhibition. He prefers work which is created over extended periods, allowing each piece to develop in it's own time, rather than making work over a set time period.

As a solo artist Duncan uses live and recorded sound to create installations exploring memory, the public/private divide and participation in art.


DYSPLA - @dyspla_festival

DYSPLA is an award winning arts organisation producing and developing the work of dyslexic + neurodivergent storymakers. A Tottenham based studio, funded by the Arts Council England and an associate artist at the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth. We work internationally in film, immersive theatre, installation & digital art. Incorporated in 2013 to shed light on Dyslexic Narrative and the Dyslexic Aesthetic, DYSPLA is at the forefront of neurodivergent creativity.


Edalia Day - @eddydaylia
Edalia/Edward Day is a trans/non-binary spoken word artist, animator and theatre maker from Swindon. They trained at Lecoq and Alra and have been acting for 12 years, performing a range of physical theatre, Shakespeare and children's theatre. In 2014 they made their first show, In The Surface Of A Bubble, about a girl struggling to cope with having a transgender parent, mixing masks, martial arts and puppetry. In 2018 they won their first poetry slam, at Milk in Bristol and they're currently touring two shows: Super Hamlet 64, about videogames, and Too Pretty To Punch, which tackles transphobia.


James George Monaghan - @SheepKnuckle
James is a theatre maker, live artist & performer, lover, grandson, human, dancer, cooker, cleaner, villain, foe, support-worker, underworked, underpaid, another white guy, lefty, cousin to a tory, romantic, activist, selfish, kind, anxious confident workshop practitioner, makes great homemade pizza, gypsy descended from said granddad. He is all and none of these things; just like you.


Lanre Malaolu - @lanremalaolu
Lanre is a choreographer, movement director and performance maker based in London, UK. In 2016, he was chosen to be a choreographer on the inaugural OLD VIC 12; a talent group supported by the Old Vic Theatre comprised of the most exciting emerging artists in the UK. He was the choreographer and movement artist on The British Council film ‘DEAR MR. SHAKESPEARE’, which was selected for the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in 2017.  He was the movement director on KARAGULA (Soho Theatre), by Philip Ridley, which received 7 Off West End nominations.

His work has been supported by Arts Council England, The Michael Grandage Company, The Old Vic, Sadler’s Wells and East London Dance. His work has also been performed internationally in Barcelona (MAC festival) and the USA (Breakin’ Convention 2017 tour).


Liz Ord - @LizROrd
Liz is a performance artist who uses elements of audio installation, spoken word and photography in my practice. Their work mimics but mocks topics they find disturbing; magnifying them, distorting them rendering them unhinged caricatures. In their recent work, ‘BIGGER, better more social conscious than ever,’ performed at MAC Birmingham, creating a fake brand launch choreographing three performers for a runway, imitating the way brands utilise tokenism, feminism and activism to sell products, while still producing items in sweatshops and selling clothes for extortionate prices. ‘Are you Thirsty?” Was the evolution of this work- performed at PMT in Birmingham Impact Hub and ‘Devils advocate’ in London, an audio visual performance work about performative self care and what brands are doing to cash in our modern need to appear to be bettering ourselves, the seemly unbreakable bond between self care and products marketed towards keeping you young and beautiful, perfectly preserved like meticulously plastic packaged items. There are recurring themes of the link between reality and obsessive documentation and a culture of oversharing and the switch in advertising to incorporate a wearable morality ‘’you can wear it like a badge you can wear it like a provocative leftie slogan.’’


louise and kia yee - @kyatos
louise and kia yee are a creative duo currently exploring softness as a radical act. since 2015, they have gradually evolved their artistic selves as collaborators, students and young human beans.

louise is a movement-based artist who identifies as a gay, non-binary, singaporean-chinese egghead drawn to ensembles, improvisation and non-sense in their practice. they study contemporary performance practice in glasgow and loves transforming work across mediums.

kia yee is an artist, environmentalist, writer and scholar coping with the catastrophic nature of contemporary capitalism. her poems and short stories have been published in Twin Cities, SingPoWriMo 2017, and the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. by mid-2019 she will have written a dissertation intersecting postcolonialism and ecocriticism in relation to Ruth Ozeki’s work.

maconchy - Joanna Patrick copy.jpg

Maconchy String Quartet

First exploring the string quartet cycle of Dame Elizabeth Maconchy, the group has performed at the RA event ‘In Tune with Feminist Futures’ and has also been featured in a BBC 4 documentary about the composer. The Maconchy Quartet also works with its female contemporary composers, and recently gave the world premiere of ‘Clouds: Fading Knowledge of the World’ by Lisa Burgess. This feminist quartet's mission is to bring empowering music to a wide audience who will not necessarily have been exposed to 'classical' music before, and especially not to more contemporary music such as Maconchy's.


Birmingham Artivists In Training are a group of multi disciplinary art activists from Birmingham. They will be guiding you on the tour as well as providing ‘entertainment’ or provocations as they like to call it through different ways.