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If you're travelling on the day, you will experience the takeover. Keep an eye out on our social media to see what goes down.

Pass The Mic

Pass the Mic is a surprise, female led performance on the tram, showcasing a different musician or spoken word artist between every stop from Wolverhampton into Birmingham. High profile female acts will literally pass the mic to grassroots, local artists, and transform your otherwise repetitive journey into Birmingham.



Until 10pm

Quantum Exhibition Centre



This is a special edition featuring at HEADSPVCE as part of Festival of Audacity, we will be asking “Does Art Endanger Your Mental Health?”.

Expect teepees, performances and food with BLAB panelists harnessed onto the ceiling, providing a space to talk about health and wellbeing.

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Friday + Saturday



New Street Station, B2 4QA

All day.

No booking required.

Lanre Malaolu "FIGURE"

Figure is an experimental film about boys growing up without fathers. Through a dynamic fusion of physical theatre and hip-hop dance, the film follows two young men as they search for answers both outside and inside themselves.

DYSPLA "Fight"

Fight is a multi channel cinematic installation exploring themes of connecting violence as a result of patriarchal oppression, where a ‘Dog eat dog’ ideology rules and neoliberal concepts destroy communities. Supported by the Arts Council England, these films were a collaboration between DYSPLA and D-Fuse with an original soundtrack by SWAYZAK.


Duncan Robertson "Where Does Joga Come From?"

Performance featuring The Roo, a hard-working but easily miguided delivery rider and a delivery that introduces The Roo to their newest colleague.


New Street Station

No booking required.


James George Monaghan "Hungry"

Bringing together 10 participants to discuss porn, masculinity, addiction and their role in society; over breakfast, lunch and dinner - the aim is to talk about our porn habits honestly, openly and with true objective insight. 

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12pm, 3pm & 6:15pm


Liz Ord "Are You Thirsty"

ARE YOU THIRSTY? is a performance piece showing how brands cash in on our modern obsession of being seen to be bettering ourselves; by creating the myth in which to take care of yourself you must participate in a cycle waste, trying to hydrate, lapping from a monopolised fountain of youth.

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Rag market, during the tour


louise and kia yee "sentry"

Sentry is a one and a half to two hour moving image of and by two queer, Singaporean Chinese womxn. at any moment, only one is asleep; the other reads, writes, eats. This is a domestic space of intimacy and insecurity.

2:30pm (Friday)

3pm (Saturday)

COW Birmingham, B5 6DY

No booking required.


2:30pm (Friday)

3pm (Saturday)

Gallery Church, B9 4AA

Edalia Day "Too Pretty To Punch"

A one person spoken word show about gender and transphobia with projection mapped animations and comedy songs played on ukulele and banjo. 

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Friday only

Birmingham Hippodrome

No Booking required.

Maconchy String Quartet "Maestras: Centre Stage"

A performance bringing to light the music of some the greatest female composers of the last hundred years.

Saturday Only


We're taking over the banqueting suite of Birmingham's iconic building, The Council House with a sober rave with DJ sets from QTIPOC Collective, BBZ London.

Join us for the final night of Festival of Audacity; you can expect nothing but pure vibes all night. How often do we get to take over the Council House? This is your chance. Lets dance the night away.

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Until 1am

The Council House


More Details About The Tour

Birmingham Artivists In Training are a group of multi disciplinary art activists from Birmingham. They will be guiding you on the tour as well as providing ‘entertainment’ or provocations as they like to call it through different ways.


Ahsen Sayeed and Chloe Deakin: During the walk you will see a film around the common issues communities face in Birmingham: substance use, knife crime and grooming. A film to educate, offer stimulus of conversations combined with real stories from people of Birmingham.


Tarik Ross-Cameron: Participants will be blindfolded with their hands on the shoulders of a person in front. The person in front would guide the blindfolded person to the next destination using a combination of limited instructions and poetry. A social commentary on trust, language and a reflection on the restricted things we can/can’t say.


Sophia Griffin: One on one (or a small group) conversation with the audience as we walk to the next venue. It will be a combination of improvisation and a conversation.  A ‘performed conversation’, however the audience will not be aware that there is an element of performance, they will just think it is a conversation. The prompt for the conversation will be ‘what is the most audacious thing you have done?’ In response to them I will ‘confess’ to the most audacious thing I have done.


James Kearns: People will be walking to make a poem out of the concrete they are walking on by selecting a word on paper to put down before making each step. People participating would be put into pairs, they would be then given a set of six words each and told that the words act as stepping stones and that they must choose one to put down before they can take a step. However, pairs will be told that each word put down must come in a line of the poem they will offer and pairs will therefore take turns in putting down sentences which react to each other and build up a poem from the walk.


Sammy Willbourne: A walking protest to comment on the racial tensions of the Modern West. Donald Trump wants to connect with the public and thinks hip hop is the answer. He starts rapping about how misunderstood he is and is met by a retaliating verse by Martin Luther King Jr. As a back and forth starts, someone has had enough and spits a fire verse: Malcolm X.


Milga: I am going to perform a spoken word piece as well as doing calligraphy in the process to highlight the message of my poem


Pan: “The Journey of Lite” is an original piece by the Pan, who tries to get to his destination whilst all the while being weighed down by his own baggage. Follow Pan on this playful, energetic and thought provoking performance as he sheds his own baggage by addressing unhappiness, in particular depression and anxiety.


Tom: "Tom is a physically disabled and autistic performance poet. They will perform a spoken word poem that interrogates what it means to 'walk' the city as a wheelchair user, and highlights the invisible access barriers that are brought into existence when a cityscape is designed first and foremost for the able bodied."


Elle Chante: Be prepared for an immersive experience as Elle Chante performs inside the audience - assisting your physical journey with an emotional one.