A relaxed night to catch vibes with a community of young creatives

Every 3 Months | Various Locations | 7 til 10pm


Friday 25th May, Quantum Exhibtion Centre, 7 til 10pm, Free

HEADSPVCE is a night for you to create, express and live your best night.

When was the last time you had space and time for you? This is your space to live your best life, take a break from the gram and to relax. Whether you want to perform, draw & play or get inspired, this is your space to be free. (We will also have a quiet room for those that want somewhere to revise, or take a breather)

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Want early access to a performance slot?

HEADSPVCE is a night for you to create, express and live your best night.

We are open to all variations of art and creativity that would like to perform. Whether you're a closet creative, or you always bring the good vibes - this is your chance to book a performance slot at HEADSPVCE.


2016 - Launch night.

2017 - March, June and September

Want To Get Involved?


HEADSPVCE is built by the community, for the community. If you want to help plan the next HEADSPVCE, and put more heart into the centre of the social, we'd love to see you join the HEADSPVCE planning team - whether you're bursting with ideas for the event, want to work in a team doing something you're passionate about, or just a little curious about event producing...