A relaxed night to catch vibes with a community of young creatives. When was the last time you had space and time for you?


This is your space to live your best life, take a break from the gram, and relax. Come and share your art, or sit back and enjoy performances from others. Tell everyone about a project you’re working on and find out what young people are doing in the city. Highlight issues that matter to you and, share your experiences and listen to others. Find out about opportunities, join projects and campaigns, connect with friends. Use it for whatever you need: Headspvce was made by the community, for the community. It’s yours.





Each Headspvce offers a rich mix of performances, workshops, talks, and activities. Co-designed and co-delivered with a team of residents from our community (see below if you want to join the team), it reflects and fulfills the needs of young people living in Birmingham today. The ever changing programme has something from everyone: you can book a performance slot on the open stage, take part in workshops, make art, catch up with friends and meet new people, or simply use this as peaceful time and space to regenerate (a quiet room is available for those who want somewhere to revise, or just take a breather).