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Brum Youth Trends Photoshoot

Brum Youth Trends Photoshoot

Saturday 1st June, 12 - 4pm


Want to be a part of our next Brum Youth Trends visual campaign? You may or may not have realised this but we feature our community across our visual brand. From performers to designers, from co-creators to audience members. We like to represent our brand with the people that are involved and participate in our projects. 

On Saturday 1st June, we're hosting a brand new Brum Youth Trends photoshoot and we would love to invite you to take part.

  • Our photoshoots are open to the whole community (this particular photoshoot is aimed at those aged between 18 - 25)

  • We bring down professional and/or upcoming photographers and we get some beautiful snaps to share & be a part of our branding

  • This year Ahsen Sayeed, previous member of BAIT and incredible photographer will be joining us

The photoshoot images will be used mostly for this years Brum Youth Trends campaign, which will include being in this years report, posters, website and infographics (similarly to last year)

Everyone that takes part in the photoshoot will be supplied with snacks, drinks, a selection of professional photos you can use, as well as can be reimbursed for travel.

Details for the photoshoot

  • Date: Saturday 1st June

  • Time: 12 til 4pm

  • Meet location: The Library Of Birmingham

Want to part?

  • We're looking for between 8 - 12 members from the Beatfreeks community to take part.

  • The opportunity will close when we hit the number, however if you still want to take part there will be more photoshoots in the future that we will bare you in mind for

  • This year the photoshoot is all about young people, the power that they hold in the city, and where they find power. 

Please let Bradley know if you can take part by Wednesday 29th May via the form below or contact him via

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P.S. The weather is currently looking lovely for the day.