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Brum Youth Trends 2018 Survey

How long do we have to wait until someone stops to listen to the future of the city? The time is now to use your voice to shake the city and grind it to a halt with your opinions. Think about how much this city has changed over the last 5 years - before any of these major decisions happen there are discussions, panels and talks but very few young people are involved. Brum Youth Trends gives young people the power to make a difference.

Last year we asked questions about the city and you, with over 600 young people responding. A month later we launched the report and the city stopped to listen and more importantly, began seeding change. The report reached far and wide with 400+ organisations downloading including Virgin Media,Uprising and Birmingham City Council, creating impact across sector, even influencing the future of culture funding for young people in Brum.

This year we are aiming for over 1500 responses. It's our mission to have a research report that provides authentic insight to the wants, needs of young people, and includes them in shaping this city. 

It's time to amplify your voice. Are you aged between 14 - 25 and want to lead the way to create change in the city? Complete the Brum Youth Trends questionnaire, it will take a few moments of your time so grab a biscuit or two and settle in. The questionnaire is designed to be a unique and interactive experience that will make the minutes feel like seconds. There will also be a paper copy available at events such as Poetry Jam and HEADSPVCE. (As the web app is optimised for phones, you may need to adjust the size of your browser if completing on a laptop).

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