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Filmmaker For #WhoRunsBrum Campaign Video

Brum Youth Trends #WhoRunsBrum 2.0 Campaign Video

Background to project:

Brum Youth Trends is a pioneering flagship report for the city giving unprecedented insight on what young people think, want and need. Join us to hear the findings, and what young people and policymakers have to say about it at the Brum Youth Trends Summit on Weds 16th Oct, 12-5pm, Town Hall Birmingham.

We are building on the success of 2018’s #WhoRunBrums message by launching a 3-month campaign in the run-up to the 2019 Summit and launch of the report that will see different explorations and conversations about power, the city, and the decision making that affects young people the most.


We want to create a video that will be the anchor piece of content to our campaign which sees us ask people aged 5 - 50 what they think Power is without revealing the question to the audience until the end. We want to understand and show how there are expectations, stereotypes and accepted norms about who has power, what it is, what it feels like. This will allow us to open up a broader conversation through further audiovisual content across the campaign united under the message or rather call to arms: #WhoRunsBrum

It should be high quality, highly shareable, an emotive video that focuses on brilliant storytelling.


2 - 3-minute video

Cut into a 30-second teaser for Instagram stories and twitter

You’ll be expected to:

  • Provide a storyboard by working with our team on the creative concept for sign off

  • Film all content within a pre-agreed timeframe

  • Deal with collecting all relevant permissions and releases

  • Edit content within pre-agreed timelines and provide us with up to 3 drafts before the final piece is exported

  • Add captions to make content accessible to broad audiences

  • Provide all equipment including sound and light

  • Work with our team to secure the best location for the project

  • Work with our team to secure and brief the participants in the video

  • Work with our designers to ensure the branding and credits of the video are in line with the campaign

  • Final completion of the project by 28th July 2019.


  • Contracted and in place - April 2019

  • Planning and preparation during - May 2019

  • Filming - June 2019

  • Edit version 1 - 7th July 2019

  • Revisions (up to 3) sent by - 21st July

  • Final rendered version - 28th July


Your fee will be £650 inclusive of all expenses and taxes.

This will be paid on completion of the project.

There will be a small appropriate budget for additional materials and locations - you must outline what is needed in your treatment and proposal.


To apply, send a short treatment (up to a page of A4) of how you’d respond to this brief with a link to a ‘mood board’ relevant example (doesn’t have to be your own work) to show us your thinking. Send to with ‘Brum Youth Trends 2.0 Campaign Video Proposal’

Please also send us a link to your portfolio.

Include any budget considerations in your treatment.

Any enquiries should be directed to Amerah Saleh at


Friday 22nd March midday