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Festival of Audacity Artist Call-Out




  1. a willingness to take bold risks.

Synonyms: boldness, daring, fearlessness, intrepidity, bravery, courage, courageousness, valour, heroism, pluck, recklessness;

informal, guts, gutsiness, grit; adventurous, enterprise, dynamism, spirit, mettle, confidence, ballsiness.


The Festival of Audacity is designed to encourage young artivists to be bold with their art and message and to make brave choices regarding the context in which they position their work. In the first year, we will help artists work with up-and-coming producers from our established Southside Producers scheme to create a programme of events linked by their audacity and refusal to stay within the confines of traditional arts spaces and roles.

This is first and foremost an artist-led project, an opportunity to create more commissions and platforms in Birmingham - a youth-led, activism-focused festival which will eventually take its place among the best the city has to offer.

The Festival will aim to present the following ideas

  1. Work that explores themes of activism and social issues

  2. Work that can be put in unconventional spaces

  3. Work that considers its audiences

  4. We are open to any type of work including exhibitions, circus, digital experiences, unusual events, craft, print work as well as music, dance, poetry, events.

We are looking for work already in existence and in need of a new audience and/or space, and we are happy to support you if you feel the need to make adjustments as you prepare for the festival.. The selected artists will work alongside our Guest Director(s) and our young producers to decide on space, format, timings and logistics.


Each artist or company/collective will receive a fee of £500. This includes planning, artist time, delivery, travel, accommodation and VAT (if applicable).


  • You must be available on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September all day
  • You must be available for the launch on Wednesday 26th September (evening)
  • Your work must be accessible and open to all audiences
  • Your work is required to have an activism strand to it


  • We are especially interested in ambitious cross-genre work, going beyond traditional theatre, music, dance, & literature
  • We want to maintain a running theme of art activism throughout the work
  • We’ll be on the lookout for a willingness to take risk with the work and be challenged in its production
  • You are available on Thursday 27th September for a open event as part of the festival.
  • You can be around from Wednesday 26th - Saturday 29th September.

The Festival of Audacity will take place once a year and gradually grow with its audience and artists. The festival will explore the idea of art activism and risk, what does it mean for artists to make the city their stage? Moving away from traditional venues, you will work with lead producer Amerah Saleh and Southside Producers to find the right space; example have been carparks, corners of streets in communities, canal boats, airports, chicken shops, etc.

Application and Deadline

Visit to apply. Applications close 3rd April.

About Free Radical -

Free Radical uses combined arts including spoken word, music and digital media to develop exciting young, diverse artists, producers and cultural entrepreneurs which reflect and celebrate the vibrancy of Birmingham.

Our main objective is to develop art activists or ‘Artivists’; socially and critically engaged artists who use their work to be thought-leading, provide social commentary or act as provocation for wider discussions.

Free Radical exists to give people space, both mentally and physically, to tell stories about themselves, their communities and what they care about in the world. Through working collaboratively with artists and a diversity of audience and partners, we seek to find ways to develop ‘empathetic citizens’ and bring communities together to celebrate the creative spirit and voice of our city and its people.

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