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Do you have an idea that needs that extra bit of support? Have you ever wanted to REACT to what’s happening in the world?


This is FUEL
Fuel is a pot of money which young people in the Beatfreeks Community aged 18-30 can use to react to social issues that are important to them. Simple applications and quick decisions mean it’s great for work that needs to move quickly in order to have an impact.

We will fund ideas that:
• Try to make a change in the world (however small)
• Respond to recent events or something currently happening
• Will have an impact on people (which may include yourself, your communities, the world etc)
• Are creative and innovative
• Can be achieved within 4 weeks of receiving the fund
• Fit with our values

Who is this for?
18-30 year olds
• Based in Birmingham and the Black Country
• Must be signed up to our free digital community via Joinit

As long as you tick all of the above criteria, you can apply. Go for it!

What do we fund?
Here are just a few examples of what you could use the money to pay for:
• Getting the bus/transport to an important protest
• Painting a socially conscious mural
• Sharing a piece of performance art that responds to Brexit outside New Street Station
• Starting on online video campaign to raise awareness of the families affected by Windrush
• Producing an event that provides space to discuss Shamima Bengum’s situation

How many ideas can we support?
In 2019, Fuel funding will be split into three pots, to be divided between successful ideas:

• Feb - June = total pot of £2,500
• July - Sept = total pot of £1,250
• Oct - Dec = total pot of £1,250

You can apply for any amount between £50 and £500.

How do you actually apply?
If your idea seems right for Fuel funding, you can submit an application by voice note or video on WhatsApp. It’s easy, you just:

• Send an initial message to the Beatfreeks phone (07521 632 819) with your name, contact details and a bit about your background and experience.
• Send a voice note or video no longer than 5 mins answering the following questions:

1) Introduce yourself
2) What are you reacting to and why? (what is the issue or event you are responding to?)
3) What are you proposing to do and when? (exact date of activity)
4) Who are you proposing to work with? Are these new partners or existing partners? Why is the partnership important?
5) What change do you want your project to make? (to you, your community, the world)
6) How much money are you asking for and how will you spend it?
7) Are you willing to share your learnings by answering the following evaluation questions?

If That Does Not Work For You Or Need Additional Support
If you don’t want to apply through WhatsApp, and/or need any support in applying or creating your Joinit account, please contact our Head of Community, or call us on 0121 794 0207 and ask for Zeddie

When Do You Find Out?
We will then be in touch within 5 days of your WhatsApp message to tell you whether you have been successful. After successful applicants have been contacted, have signed the offer letter, we will send the funding within 2 weeks.

Once You Have the Money...
Your project must be completed within 4 weeks of you receiving the funding. We will then ask you a few questions about how it went, and with your permission, might share your story through our website and social media (note: this is not a condition for getting the grant).

Fuel funding is made possible with support from the Act for Change fund.

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