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Tea Hack Workshop


This one is for those left out when the kettles clicks on. You're probably not a big fan of tea, but you also don't hate it. In fact, you probably made a cup for yourself once before and said something like… “What’s all this fuss about?” and from there, when people roll out the idiom 'is the cup half empty or full', you're not fussed as long as they don't expect you to drink the tea afterwards…  

And that’s been your relationship with tea. 

But, here’s the thing. Tea can become anything. It’s one of the most potentially versatile drinks in the world. Being one of the most natural drinks in the world, the potential for creativity and innovation is high. The question, really, is what can tea become?

So, turn your tea apathy into tea innovation. Take part in a hack-style workshop in central London working with us and one of the UK’s biggest tea brands to play, experiment, tinker and design new ideas.

You'll get:

- £250 fee
- Drinks and lunch
- Reference for your involvement in the day as a co-creator
- Experience working with a big brand
- Chance to influence new thinking
- Join a community and network of young creatives and access more opportunities through Beatfreeks Collective

You must:

- Be free on Monday 11th Dec 9.30 - 5pm to take part in and travel to a workshop in Central London
- Be 18 - 30 years old
- Not drink tea on a regular basis. You might have tried it once or twice, and disliked it. But you shouldn’t hate tea, or be totally opposed to it.
- Open minded and a creative thinker with an enthusiasm for hacking, challenging and playing with new ideas

To take part, send us a 1 minute video describing your relationship with tea. Apply by Monday 4th December 2017 at 6pm.