Our Philosofreek is our collective mission, vision, ambition and values which drive us forward and guide our actions.



Be bold;

Be curious;

Be imaginative;

Be free,


Fuelling conversations and concepts that dare people to challenge the way of the world.

100 Year Goal

Build the thing that builds more things making space for new movements, companies and individuals that can build on our shoulders.


To evolve and change as the world does.


We believe that

1. Creativity is at the core of innovation and change. It’s our driving force.

2. Change an attitude = change a behaviour = change culture = change society.

3. People have incredible potential and power.....but they need skills, confidence, networks and opportunities to unleash it.

4. Collaboration and debate makes us all do better work.

5. Diversity is a philosophy, not a strategy.

6. Dancing on the fringes of sectors keeps us agile.

7. Community is life.

8. Always go back to the why.

9. The world isn’t black and white. Good stuff is created in the uncomfortable bits - play in the grey.