Need a bit of juice to get your ideas off the ground? Or more support and guidance to craft your creative idea into something sustainable?

Since its inception in 2013, Beatfreeks has been supporting Birmingham's young makers and doers to develop their ideas into something amazing. Through a pick-n-mix selection of goodies such as open diary with the team or problem solving lunches over chips (the fat kind), or using our office space once a month to get your head down, we’re here to ‘power you up’.

How Did It Start?

Powered By started as an experiment in platform-thinking. How can we support more young people to get their ideas off the ground by utilising our networks, knowledge and resources? Now in its fourth iteration, Powered By is a platform for young innovators 16 – 30 to turn their creative ideas into impact through crowd-sourced mentoring, open office space and whole load of networks to develop ideas for your enterprise, projects, practice and campaigns.

How Has It Changed?

Iteration 1: 2013/2014

Anisa met with 3 aspiring entrepreneurs over lunches and coffees to get their big ideas tested and created.

Bridge the Gap, Creative Superheroes and STAMP was born. 

But there was only so many lunches in a week and therefore only so many projects and people to power.

Iteration 2: 2016

We were overwhelmed with the potential of what we could do and we had a little more weight after a successful first year. We got funded for a big Powered By programme - masterclasses, workshops, mentoring and recruited a whopping 14 people to take part.

But a one-size-fits-all programme with big attendance needs to suit the funding requirements didn’t work for them, or us, or the funder.

Iteration 3: 2017

We pulled up our socks and refocussed on what was magic about Powered By. We figured it was a triangluar model of space, time and money that could really power up a person and a project to its potential. We won the Do It For Real partnership with UnLtd giving us £11K to distribute in small grants directly to our young entrepreneurs and we partnered up with Impact Hub to give Powered By a weekly home. We supported Bethany Slinn and NFS Midas-App Group to receive funding

But we didn’t have a long term source of small grants to give away and our time was finite meaning the time we had to be at sessions, support young people and plan the bits in between including getting mentors on board was not sustainable for us along with our growth plans.


Iteration 4: 2018

Powered By now takes the very best of the 3 versions we’ve been through. Guided by our original principal goal to ‘power people and projects to grow from our physical and social capital’, we’ve been testing a few new and a few of our original options to see what works. Take a look below, book in with what feels good, and shout Zeddie for anything we’ve missed.


Open Diary

30 minute coffee slots with our team including CEO at our HQ to use however you want

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Chips & Chat

Problem solving and time to bounce your ideas with the whole team over chunky chips, on us.

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Open Office

Last Friday of the month is our Open Office day. Book in, nab a desk or beanbag, and settle in for an hour or the day.

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Crowd Sourced Toolkits

FAQs, templates, curated articles. A page of stuff we think you might find useful because others have.

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Work Experience

If you want to experience working for a creative agency, or want to shadow some artist workshops, we can build you tailored work experience.

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On top of this tailored stuff, we have loads of projects to develop your skills, confidence & networks. Look at our Opportunities page for more.

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Safe Spaces

A series of pop up workshops that allow participants to explore social or political discussions in a safe creative environment across Worcestershire.

Downtime Sessions

Aims to bring downtime into the workplace by providing entertainment and de-stressing for employees with music.

Mind Field

The project will produce a short film addressing mental health and give opportunities for young people and adults to collaborate on the film.

Creative RecyCool Club

A group that provides weekly workshops for local members of the community.


Big Light of Mine

The vision is to create a series of workshops/training resources/talks that will inspire and equip people with lifeskills.

Separate But Equal

A book about Rosa Parks showing how her courage and boldness made an impact on our lives today.

The Imani Academy

A service that empowers young women, through creative workshops, 1-1 mentoring, positive and inclusive social action.


Unmuted aims to create safe and creative spaces to allow young BME LGBT people to address cultural issues that effect them. 


The Little Creepers

A play about the trials and tribulations of a teenage girl with schizophrenia. Alongside workshops around mental health.

2 Weeks Notice

Creative production company that focus on events and online content. Featuring Hip-Hop Karaoke.

Innovation Cooler

Live performance event offering young people a platform to showcase and promote their skills.

Her Story Is Black

A project that aims to give black women the chance to explore their narratives through art forms like poetry & zines.



Free sewing workshops aimed at women in ‘vulnerable’ situations, in which they can learn skills and build friendships. 


Voice of Birmingham

Encouraging young people in Birmingham to embrace creative writing and journalism.

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Swings & Roundabouts

A multi-platform arts company that produces engaging and immersive work for existing and consequential communities

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The Language Exchange

Facilitates the exchange of languages between native speakers and those hoping to learn/improve a new language skill. 

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Facilitating Conversations

Developing workshops and toolkits to facilitate better conversations and social and political issues.