Hourly rate, by half day rate, by full day rate, bespoke depending on project
Please be specific and break down in a way you feel most happy with.
Please state your art form and length of performance along with any other variable factors. Be as specific as possible and give variable rates if easier (for 15 minute set vs a new commission etc).
If so, how much and under what circumstances?
E.g. a rate for under 3 years experience, a rate for over 3 years etc.
Per day or per project (you can give situations or scenarios if helpful)
For hosting a 2 - 3 hour event with no/minimal prep.
Fees, payment times/dates etc


We're trying to ask better questions to the right people to gain more insight into how to do things better. At any one point we could be researching in multiple ways, asking people to tell us stories, through questionnaires, through meet ups or just by keeping our ear to the ground and working out how people feel.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our research and for maybe giving your time to take part.


Pay Rates

We're currently conducting research into how we pay associates and freelancers. Please complete the survey on the right if you'd like to take part.