About Southside Producers

A year-long development programme for young producers aged 16-30. Birmingham needs incredible events and breathtaking art: you can bring them to life.


Producers are crucial. They make art happen! We run this programme to give you and other young people in Birmingham an opportunity to learn by doing. As you gain the experience, know-how, connections, and confidence you need to help artists bring their vision to life, you are working for the future of our city and making sure its many voices get to tell their stories. Real skills to make a real difference.





A cohort of 10 young producers aged 16-30 is recruited through an open call. Over three 10-week terms, they work with the Free Radical in-house Producer to deliver three major events:

  • a Free Radical project - this kicks off the programme so Southside Producers have a chance to learn, test and experiment with producing skills.

  • a commission from a client - this event helps producers know what it means to react to a brief, working with a client and understanding how to respond to the needs of different people (including: target audience, budgets, aims)

  • Your own even - this event takes all the learning from the previous two and lets Southside Producers work on devising, fundraising, budgeting, producing, managing, marketing and leading on their own event.


In addition, members get opportunities for smaller scale paid work, guest sessions with invited producers, and mentoring/networking opportunities through Free Radical.