About Theatre For Democracy

A 12 week theatre training programme designed to tackle a social issue within a community. Many questions surround our political system. Is it broken? Flawed? Could we make our democracy work more effectively at a grassroots level?


The word democracy means ‘people power’ and Theatre For Democracy embraces this original meaning. It creates space to explore questions which really matter with people who may not normally have their voices heard. Art can be used within democracy to build relationships and create dialogue between decision makers and the young people they represent, and this is what Theatre for Democracy is for.





Within each project, a group of young people works together with a facilitator over 12 weeks. At weekly workshops, they explore a wide variety of self-selected themes through theatre. The process results in a performance piece devised by the group and shared with an invited audience of local decision-makers and people who have the authority to make changes relevant to the issues at hand (e.g. police services, housing associations, independent bodies etc.)  After the performance, the facilitator moderates a discussion between the participants and audience around the issues highlighted in the play in order to formulate a “take-out-of-the-room strategy” - something tangible or actionable, something which can be followed up to enable progress and real change.