Theatre For Democracy
Past Programmes


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Open Theatre

Blending physical theatre, music based movement and non-verbal practice,
’I have power because I wear a mask’ explores the daily masks we have placed
upon us as well as the ones we give ourselves.
Together with Open Theatre, we are exploring the implications of these masks
on how our voices are received.


“But now it’s all changed,
The motivation you had
Is now out of range.
Someone different,
Don’t recognise the reflection
Now you’re making promises just to win the election.”

This narrative piece highlighted how the nature of politics today alienates and excludes certain groups of individuals, namely young men of colour. In a largely ensemble form which used physical theatre to explore power dynamics, the Young Rep - Lightpost answered their own question,
‘Who Wants To Be A Politician?’

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Ikon, St Basil’s

“It’s all about making this country a fairer place for all, breathing fresh life
into the British dream that every generation has a better future than the last.”

With support from The Ikon, we delivered a programme of sessions with groups
from St Basil’s around youth homelessness and the consequential mistrust of politicians.