There will be situations where you may think "You can’t say that", "This not OK" or "I don’t think I’m OK here". For those sole reasons alone we have made this toolkit for you. In this toolkit, we have created a guide, whether you need a few numbers for the ‘just in case’ or you are just curious. We have united in hope for these moments and it’s about time.  

Please download this toolkit and use it in your workshops, communities and schools to share the tips and tricks to tackling hate crime.

We want to create a counter narrative to the rise in hate crime following the EU referendum result. We want to create positive stories, notes, messages, delectable tales of goodness and heart-felt poems that will create 'tiny moments of hope'.

Contribute some hope anonymously: bit.ly/tinymomentsofhope

Want to keep up to date with the Anti-Hate Crime Tool-Kit? Updates and discussions are posted on our Facebook Event.