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Festival Of Audacity: The 900 Club

The 900 Club

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It’s been five years since their friend died. So the estranged foursome, named after the 900 Megabus to Edinburgh, reignite their traditional annual camping trip. Join the trip down memory lane by eavesdropping on the heartwarming, often awkward reunion of The 900 Club. This piece takes the long view of grief, guilt, and friendship, challenging how we deal with mental illness and memories of the dead.

In the Works is a Scottish spoken word theatre company made up of Bibi June, Ellen Renton, Ross McFarlane, and Shannon O’Neill. ‘The 900 Club’ is their second production which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe last year to critical and popular success.

Limited capacity, book here to reserve your spot for the workshop. Free.

1pm Saturday. 50 capacity. Free.

Additional showing at 4.30pm (this is in conjunction with the tour = limit the tickets).

Non tour show time.