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Hungry: Festival Of Audacity

Hungry: Festival Of Audacity | Evolve, Adam & Eve, B12 0JD | Friday 28th September & Saturday 29th September | 12pm, 3pm, 6:15pm


“Men find it easier to talk about personal things whist doing something practical as it distracts them from the fact they might be opening up.” (Grayson Perry)

Hungry is another, more structured rendition of this – this time with ten participants at a time. The performance takes place over breakfast, lunch and dinner, where we all make the meal together (different participants each time OR people can choose to come again). The aim is to talk about our porn habits honestly, openly and with true objective insight. The ‘performance’ will be like most of my work; centred around the people in the room, using structure to bring about moments of genuine, open exchange. The format could include supporting devises such as a menu with a set of questions that the participants can pick from.

Evolve at The Adam and Eve, 201 Bradford St, Birmingham B12 0JD

Friday 27th September: 12pm, 3pm, 6.15pm

Saturday 28th September: 12pm, 3pm, 6.15pm


About Festival of Audacity

A multidisciplinary festival of activist art making Birmingham its stage. Festival of Audacity exists because if we want art to have a real impact, it needs to be bold. Festival Of Audacity features artists in non-traditional performance spaces across Birmingham, for creators to take risks and reach people beyond traditional venues.

Enjoy. Share. Most importantly, have fun exploring new spaces, discovering new art, and seeing the city differently. Don’t forget to tell us what you think using #FestivalOfAudacity and @FreeRadicalUK. To find out more

About James Monoghan:

James is a theatre maker, live artist & performer, lover, grandson, human, dancer, cooker, cleaner, villain, foe, support-worker, underworked, under paid, another white guy, lefty, cousin to a tory, romantic, activist, selfish, kind, anxious confident workshop practitioner, makes great homemade pizza, gypsy descended from said granddad. He is all and none of these things; just like you.

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