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Festival Of Audacity: BLAB X HEADSPVCE


Old Library, 7pm

Open your mind, hear words that will capture your soul and come together as we celebrate artists, activists & each other with BLAB X HEADSPVCE, the opening of this year's Festival Of Audacity.

This night is a special crossover of two of our biggest events to be a space for deep chats, wellbeing, and performances.

We’ll be making moments to unpack issues you care about including going out and about Brum, and how we can look out for each other when using services which connect the dots across the city with our BLAB question of the evening, “If freedom to move is a human right, why is Birmingham so difficult to get around?”

Speaker line-up includes:

  • Kayza Rose - Facilitator, Arts Producer, Activist & Arts Council England Changemaker, ‘QTIPOC Family’.

  • Deborah Fox - Head of Demand for West Midlands Combined Authority. WMCA “move powers from Whitehall to the West Midlands and its locally elected politicians, who know this region best.”

  • Inѐs Elsa Dalal - Documentary Photographer, Creator of ‘Here To Stay 70’ - a portrait series which documents the impact of nurses from the Windrush generation who shaped the NHS since its birth seventy years ago.

  • Karen Creavin - Chief Executive of Active Wellbeing Society, ‘Big Birmingham Bikes’.

Throughout the night you can expect:

  • Chill vibes, snacks, and space to just refresh and be you.

  • Meditative workshops, open mic opportunities, and performances inspired by the question: ‘Where do we go from here?’ (As a part of HEADSPVCE)

  • Our conversation picnic with invited artists and activists and share thoughts on what we want from Birmingham’s transport (As a part of BLAB)

You’ll hopefully leave with a reimagined perspective on how we move and relate to Birmingham.

Nibbles and refreshments available at the venue.