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Festival Of Audacity: Future First

Future First

Rotunda Square, Bullring

Private screenings between 12 - 6pm


LAMBB will recreate a central image in most black homes: a mother braiding her daughter’s hair, along with a screening of Future First. This film is an artistic interpretation of a black girl’s response to cornrows being renamed as ‘boxer braids’. It’s not just about cultural appropriation, it’s about reclaiming our place as black women and not being afraid to take up space.

Naomi Grant is a multi-award winning filmmaker, writer and founder of LAMBB, a production company that seeks to redefine images of black and brown people in the media operating online and offline. ‘Future First’ has toured UK festivals such as BFI SOUL Film, Rapport Festival, Women of the Lens, and Underwire Festival.

Future First will be streaming all day from 12pm.