About Wheel & Slice

An on-going enquiry into contemporary art activism - and an online resource for artists and activists worldwide. Inspiring creative activism projects from around the world - discover, learn, try.


There are so many examples of art that has made a social impact across the world, but it can be difficult to find information on specific projects. Wheel & Slice creates a single place for people to visit in order to discover information, interviews, instructions, and inspiration - a resource for all to learn about the various ways art can make change happen within communities and the world at large.





We want Wheel & Slice to be an online resource containing information on successful art activist projects from local, national and international artists. The site will combine research material with practical advice on how to replicate the projects in other communities - and a platform to share case studies.

As well as developing an online resource for research, Wheel & Slice will hold gatherings for art activists -  and commission 3 young art activists from Birmingham to run projects inspired by case studies from the website within their own communities.